Prepare for your first cyberdrug injection!

Wild Dose: First Session releases on Steam

Lappi Soft released the first chapter of Wild Dose on Steam on Monday 1st March 2021, along with a Kickstarter campaign. 

Wild Dose is a first-person adventure where you play a cyberjunkie, seeking refuge in virtual drugs. Enjoy relaxing landscapes with Nora, your AI, discover wild and dangerous environments with the Capetian, the mysterious creator of Wild Dose, and get lost in the Void, a space between sessions, made of unallocated memory segments.

Once back to the real world, walk the slums of Eleftheria to fulfill private contracts or complete tasks for your fellow citizens. Discover their stories, follow the rules or rebel against the system.

In this divided society from which you are trying to escape, you will have only one certainty: taking part in Wild Dose is taking part in a real revolution...

Wild Dose: First Session is available for PC (Windows) on Steam.


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Twitter: @LappiSoft